Freestyle & Backstroke

Swim Skills Stroke courses are for competitive swimmers who want to improve their stroke technique

It's a unique opportunity to work on stroke technique and development with a carefully structured programme of drill progressions, developed by a top GB Coach. Understand how the strokes work and why the techniques we teach you are so important

Ability Level:

ASA registered competitive swimmers aged 9-16 years

Max Number per Lane:



1 day - begin with registration at 8.30 am and finish at 4.00 pm


If you have fins, kick board and hand paddles, please bring them along as well as a packed lunch and water for the day. Bear in mind you will be in the pool twice and will need dry kit for the second session. You will require gym kit including suitable trainers.

Parents / Coaches:

Parents are welcome to attend all sessions at a cost of £10 for the day which includes hot drinks. If you are a coach and would like to attend, please contact us.

  • All pool sessions are led by a GB coach. 
  • This is not a training session: you don’t have to fight for your place in the lane. All the work is short distance, high quality using drill progressions developed by our GB coach
  • Learning in the pool is reinforced by interactive lectures using video footage of top swimmers the ‘why’ as well as the ‘how’ of swimming technique
  • All swimmers participate in land training sessions focusing on the development of core stability, flexibility and injury protection. Our land training is led by expert strength and conditioning coaches
  • A GB international swimmer will give demonstrations, assist in the pool coaching and sign autographs
  • For our stroke courses, when we're able to, we aim to have an interactive lecture(s) focused on mindset and/or sports nutrition on one of the stroke days

Book 2 days and save £22 or book 3 days and save £41*

*Our IM day is not part of the 3 day series offer

1 Day courses

Leeds Grammar School

31 Oct 2018

Radley College

28 Dec 2018

Series featuring Freestyle & Backstroke

Leeds Grammar School: Oct-Nov 2018

Freestyle & Backstroke: 31 Oct
Breaststroke & Butterfly: 1 Nov
Starts & Turns: 2 Nov


Radley College: Dec 2018

Freestyle & Backstroke: 28 Dec
Breaststroke & Butterfly: 29 Dec
Starts & Turns: 30 Dec